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Maruti Suzuki Baleno Car Accessories




  1. Baleno Remote Key Silicon Cover

This product is extremely efficient in protecting the automatic key of your Baleno. Made of silicone it is very helpful in keeping the key safe from dust and accidental damage. The new key for Baleno cost around Rs. 7000 and requires a tedious process to get a possession of a new one. Therefore we recommend you this product to your key safe from any external damages.






  1. Baleno Foot Mats


One of the most necessary car accessories for your Baleno has to be the foot mats. Most of the foot mats that come along with the car are not durable and get deteriorated easily, therefore this product will come in handy for your car. These are designed specifically for Baleno and are made of PU leather that will last for years. These are very easy to clean and redefines your car’s upholstery.





3.Baleno Car Accessories Cushion Set


This is easily the best accessory that will enhance the beauty of your car.This will not just improve the aesthetics of your car but will also provide comfort to you. Real helpful on long drives, must have for children and aged people.Support for neck and head while driving -Relieves tension and supports proper spine alignment -Reduces risk of whiplash injury while driving -Provides ideal lumbar support.






4. Maruti Baleno Body Cover

Trendy and stylish but efficient and critical this is a necessary car accessory for your Maruti Suzuki Baleno.Protects the car from dust, rain, sunlight and resists moisture, fungus.Made up of  Highly Durable Double Stitched High Quality imported threads. Specially designed for  Maruti Suzuki Baleno w






  1. Crome Garnish for Maruti Suzuki Baleno



This Maruti Baleno accessory will enhance the exterior look of the car. This is a stainless steel chrome plated strip which gets attached to the back bumper of the car. Gives a completely new look to the car. This product is made of highest quality chrome which is made to last years, not like other chrome accessories that usually get the deteriorated with rain and dust.





Gives an amazing makeover to the exteriors of the car. This Baleno accessory covers the front grill and gives a chrome finish to the grill. It can be easily installed and removed without any hassle. These grills use chrome of highest quality which is built to last for years.





  1. Chrome Handle Door Cover

Protects the handles from scratches and dust marks. Gives premier look to your Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Comes in a set of 4. Gets easily attached to the door handles. This will increase the looks of the car by many folds.








8. Baleno LED Scuff Plates.


Protects the interior door sills from scratches and damages also gives excellent look to the car. Comes in a set of four with all of them LED lit. Very easy to install. This car accessory comes with steel finish on top and mid part LED lit.









  1. Magnetic Window Curtains Maruti Baleno.


Most crucial car accessories to have in summers. Helps the car remain cool during excess heat. Keeps the temperature of the car under control. Gets easily attached and detached from the windows with the help of the magnets installed in the product.







The Most trusted car company in the country Maruti Suzuki came up with their premium hatchback Baleno late in 2015, since then the hatchback segment has been completely dominated by this cars. Baleno is not a new name in the Maruti Suzuki family, this is a revamp of the already existing model which was discontinued in 2007. Completely different from its predecessor (whilch was a sedan) the New Maruti Suzuki Baleno comes with a new zeal to dominate the segment. People has also loved the new car which is currently running on a 6-month waiting period, the numbers are off the roof for Maruti and it seems they have done it again.

The Baleno is the latest B+ segment hatchback from Maruti Suzuki. This compact vehicle is positioned above the Maruti Swift in the Maruti Suzuki range, making it their most premium hatchback in India. First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015, Maruti  Baleno is a global product that is solely made in India for the domestic as well as global markets.

People are not just loving the car but are also loving the modifications that can be done with it. Maruti Suzuki Baleno accessories are some of the most searched accessories in the market. If you want to look at the Baleno accessories or Baleno accessories price list you can go through the above Baleno accessories list. We have shortened down for you some of the most selling and must have Baleno accessories that you would love to have. Some of these accessories will not just enhance the look of your car but will help to improve the overall experience of the car.

Many people are excited to accessorize their cars as soon as they buy it. But only some want to take the advantage of the accessories that not just look good but help to solve a purpose. Car accessories may vary from electronic gadgets, exterior modifications, or some other equipment which not only makes the appearance of your car better but also solves the purpose of easing your work.

We generally see a trend that whenever a new car is launched, the market is flooded with all kind of accessories for that particular car. Both the online as well as the offline market have a huge variety of car accessories available and this, in turn, confuses the buyer.

The similar scenario was seen after the launch of Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The car was launched in December 2015 and soon after that, the market was flooded with Baleno accessories. Most of the famous car market across India such as karol baug in Delhi and Linkin road in Mumbai were the first ones to receive these accessories.

This over flooding of accessories market creates confusion among the buyers. Sometimes a customer after buying the car is only looking install the basic accessories while many times the buyer goes for a wide range of accessories that are heavy on the pocket.

looking on all these points we have come up with a consolidated list of Baleno accessories that will not only allow you to get all the basic accessories but will also give you the freedom to view all the accessories that you wish to get installed in your Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Although the above article will give you the top products that we consider are best for your Maruti Suzuki Baleno, you are always free to browse in our SHOP section to look at the other Baleno accessories that we have in store for you.

In this section we have many other accessories as well that pertain to general car accessories are not just dedicated to Maruti Suzuki Baleno only. So if you have another car (that you have forgotten about after buying you new Maruti Baleno) feel free to look over the other stuff we have in store.

We have tried to incorporate all the important as well as efficient car accessories possible in the above list. This list is particularly designed keeping in mind all kind of accessories lovers. Exterior, interior, safety, etc all have been included in the list, however, since the list is limited to nine items only you can browse other items as well.

Aftermarket Baleno accessories are if not better are as good as the official accessories provided at the Nexa showroom. The Baleno accessories sold in the official showroom are not less than a daylight robbery. These accessories are sold at almost 4 times the margin with the customer always at the losing end.

The aftermarket or dealers selling the same accessories also makes huge margins on the same. Therefore we recommend you the best and most economical way to buy accessories is online. Even after purchase if you do not like the product you can always return it. It also helps you to choose from a vast variety and provides you an array of products. Things are almost opposite when you buy the accessories from a dealer. The dealer usually has very limited options and then convinces(manipulates) you to purchase something from the limited items he has.

This is the most important advantage you have while purchasing online. Especially with many reliable websites now a customer is always in a win-win situation while buying Car accessories online.


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